Upper Gwynedd Democrats

Building For The Next Decade

Date Of Next Meeting


The Upper Gwynedd & The North Wales Democratic Committees will meet on:


Wednesday November 13th at 7pm 


North Wales Public Library

233 S. Swartley Street, North Wales, PA 19454

All registered democrats are welcome to join us.


Please help us with the Democratic Voice in Upper Gwynedd.




Upper Gwynedd Imagined

As an Upper Gwynedd  resident, you’ve wanted to join the conversation and help make it a better community.


As we talk with our neighbors we have learned of the concerns of:

  • working families about their children
  • elderly on a fixed income
  • young professionals looking to be involved with their community.


So we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. You may:-

We, the Democratic Committee for the Township, believe there is much more the Township can do to make our community even more livable. 


We also believe there is a need for the Township to work collaboratively with other municipalities to provide joint services that reduce our tax burden.

Upper Gwynedd Board of Commissioners consists of 3 Republicans and, for the first time ever, 2 Democrats.

Upper Gwynedd commissioners are elected at-large rather than by precinct. That has resulted in all 5 commissioners being elected from the Republican Party until the 2017 election.

In 2017 two democrats were elected to the board of Commissioners for the very first time.

Denise Hull & Liz McNaney

In 2019 the 3 Republican commissioners are up for reelection. It is our mission and hope to elect one or more Democrats and thereby, for the first time ever, take the majority on the board.

But here are the numbers for registration. Note that the Republicans have only a 188 vote registration advantage:

In 2013 that advantage was over 400 votes and democrats lost by approximately 300 votes. 

So your vote and that of your neighbor really does matter. A few votes can turn around a 30+ year stranglehold.


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