What is Cross Filing And Why Does It Matter?

The election of both Judges and School Board members are theortically meant to be apolitical and therefore party should not matter. In practice it does matter. However because of the theory, Republicans and Democrats are allowed to , and often do, file petitions to place themselves on the ballot of both their own party and the other party. So Republicans may be filed and appear on the Democratic primary ballot. The ballot itself does not indicate which party a candidate is registered with. If a candidate wins both party ballots then they automatically win the general election before it has even taken place.

How do you deal with this?

If you go to the polls then please take the Democratic yellow ballot sheet from the official Democratic Party representative. It will tell you who the real democratic candidates are. Be careful to only take the yellow sheet from the Democratic representative. The Green sheet is customarily the Republican ballot but beware, it is not unknown for Republicans to print their cross filed candidate ballot in yellow.

Increasingly people are voting by mail in which case look for the official democratic candidates in the mail also. It will come from the Montgomery County Democratic Committee most likely as a door hanger.

Additionally you can find your candidates at NorthPennVotes.org