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The next meeting is on Thursday July 14th 2022 at 7:00pm. Note: There is no June meeting.

The meeting will be held in person at the North Wales Public library located at 

233 Swartley St, North Wales, PA 19454

The Next Meeting of the North Penn Democrats will be on July 27th at 7pm and will be held virtually. All registered Democrats are welcome. Please email for login information.


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Upper Gwynedd Imagined

As an Upper Gwynedd  resident, you’ve wanted to join the conversation and help make it a better community.


As we talk with our neighbors we have learned of the concerns of:

  • working families about their children
  • elderly on a fixed income
  • young professionals looking to be involved with their community.


So we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. You may:-

We, the Democratic Committee for the Township, believe there is much we can do to make our community even more livable. 


We also believe there is a need for the Township to work collaboratively with other municipalities to provide joint services that reduce our tax burden.

Faith Keiser is a new, first-time wife (at 52 years old!) with a great husband, Ken, who was a widower, and two wonderful stepdaughters, Grace and Katie. Faith thinks that Ken was worth the wait. 

Until she was married and moved to Upper Gwynedd, Faith was a Democratic committeewoman in Philadelphia, where she lived since 1990. Faith got involved in politics through the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. Having gone door-to-door in Ames, Iowa for Dean, Faith was in the Des Moines, Iowa ballroom  the night of that fateful Howard Dean scream. It didn't seem crazy in the moment, as he could barely be heard over the din of the crowd, and he was rallying the troops in the room, like Faith. The media's microphones were the ones that registered "the scream" as off the charts, not the ears of the humans in the room.  

That same year Faith organized a very successful phone bank for John Kerry from her condo. Later that year she became a Democratic committeewoman. Highlights included campaigning again in Ames, Iowa for John Edwards, where on the ground it was evident Obama was going to win the Iowa caucuses, but also evident he'd be one of the more conservative Democratic presidents we've had. Another highlight was the high degree of organization in the Obama re-election campaign in 2008, where Faith was personally enlisted to "get the lead out" with the unregistered voters in her condo building -- a building Obama's people seemed personally aware of. Faith learned first-hand, though, that unregistered voters are often unregistered for their own personal reasons. 


Faith's roots in politics go way back, to when growing up in Northern Virginia, her mother was involved in the movement to desegregate the schools in the 1960's. 

Faith is a professional wedding and corporate photographer/small business owner, with a thriving studio, Faith West Photography, in Rittenhouse Square. She's glad to have moved so close to the train, and commutes on the train to work every day except when she's shooting a wedding. Faith has photographed some big movers and shakers getting married, including the United Arab Emirates' ambassador to the U.S., plus Douglas Feith, one of the architects of the Iraq invasion.

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The Upper Gwynedd Democratic Committee is looking for a few good people to serve as local committee people.

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