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Count Down to Election Day

Resident's Survey

We want to hear from you. We want to represent you. Please take our short survey to let us know about your concerns. 

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Please help us with the Democratic Voice in Upper Gwynedd.



Your donations, no matter how small, will help Democratic candidates to be elected in Upper Gwynedd.

Upper Gwynedd Imagined

As an Upper Gwynedd  resident, you’ve wanted to join the conversation and help make it a better community.


As we talk with our neighbors we have learned of the concerns of:

  • working families about their children
  • elderly on a fixed income
  • young professionals looking to be involved with their community.


So we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. You may:-

  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • tweet us   
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  •  Take The Survey 

We, the Democratic Committee for the Township, believe there is much more the Township can do to make our community even more livable. 


We also believe there is a need for the Township to work collaboratively with other municipalities to provide joint services that reduce our tax burden.

Let's take back our township:

For over thirty years Republicans have ruled the roost. They have held all five positions on the Board Of Commissioners. That's because Upper Gwynedd has a winner take all election process. So inspite of Upper Gwynedd being composed of over 40% democratic voters there is no representation on the Board Of Commssioners.

To accomplish this all we need is to get a greater turnout than we have customarily had.

To accomplish that we need your help. If you can,  then please volunteer. If you cannot volunteer then please vote and convince your friends and neighbors to vote.


Our Objectives


  • To halt the Republican Monopoly on the Upper Gwynedd Township Board 
  • To help elect all democratic local, state and national candidates for office in the Upper Gwynedd Polling Areas
  • To build a strong Upper Gwynedd Democratic Committee to facilitate the major objectives

Upper Gwynedd consists of 7 polling districts. Each polling district is or should be represented by two people on the Upper Gwynedd Democratic Committee.

If you would like to help us in ways small or large then please contact us.

Pennsylvanians are ready for a fresh start, and I look forward to working with grassroots organizations like the Upper Gwynedd Democrats to make their voices heard. - Tom Wolf - Democratic Candidate For Pennsylvania Governor 
I wish the Upper Gwynedd Democrats every success in their efforts to elect strong, Democratic leaders at the local, state and federal levels. Here's to a blue Upper Gwynedd in the months and years to come! - Allyson Schwartz, US Congresswoman,  13th District
We are starting to see democratic voters fight back all over the country and I am more optimistic than ever. It is at the municipal level that it all begins so I am happy to see Upper Gwynedd fighting for the hearts and minds of their voters and the progressive values they share. - Daylin Leach, Pennsylvania State Senator, 17th District
I am proud of the Upper Gwynedd Democrats. They are organized, mobilized and ready to win. . - Josh Shapiro, Montgomery County Commissioner